WHO Mission Briefing 4th March 2020

The WHO held a Mission briefing on COVID-19 on 4th March 2020.


They highlighted that:

Containment of COVID-19 must be the top priority for all countries.  But at the same time, countries should also be preparing for sustained community transmission.  Early, aggressive measures mean that countries can stop transmission and save lives.

They called on all countries to:

  • Educate their populations
  • Expand surveillance
  • Find, isolate and care for every case
  • Trace every contact

The nature of this virus means there is an opportunity to break the chains of transmission and contain its spread.

In the UK the total number of cases rose to 87 with 36 new cases confirmed. All but three had travelled to affected countries or been infected by those who had.  This number is expected to rise and at present the approach remains containment.

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